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Gateway To India

Authentic Indian Cuisine

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Aloo Tikki

Traditional snack, Grilled potato patties flavored with chili and coriander,

served with tangy chickpeas and yogurt sauce.4.95


Pappdi Chat

Crispy flour chips topped with yogurt, tamarind jalapeno chutney with Indian salsa.5.95


Subji Pakoras ( Vegetable Fritters )

Assorted vegetables dipped in spiced chickpea batter and deep fried. 5.95


Vegetarian Samosas

Deep fried pastry filled with mildly spiced potatoes and petite sweet green peas, two per order. 5.95



spicy crisp lentil wafers. 2.50


Onion bhaji

Thinly sliced onions dipped in chick pea flour and spices. Cooked to golden perfections. 6.95


Paneer Pakoras

Homemade cheese stuffed with spices and dipped in chickpea batter and lightly fried. 8.95


Paneer Kabob

Homemade cheese delicately spiced and grilled to perfection, served piping hot. 8.95


Jinga Pakoras

Jumbo shrimps (6) marinated and dipped in Chickpea batter and lightly fried. 9.95


Lamb sheek kebab

Freshly ground lamb with cilantro, spices and chilies. Barbequed in the Tandoor. 8.95


Lamb Samosa

Deep fried pastry filled with delicately spiced ground lamb and peas.6.95


Murgh Pakoras ( Chicken Fritters)

Boneless chicken pieces dipped in mildly spiced chickpea batter and deep fried.7.95


Murgh Kabob

Boneless chicken marinated overnight grilled to perfection . 8.95


Vegetarian Platter

Platter includes Subji Pakoras, Paneer Pakoras, Samosa, and Pappadum.9.95


Full Appetizer Platter

Platter includes Murgh, Subji, and Paneer Pakoras, Pappadum, and a Samosa.10.95